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14 July 2022


In Conversation with Trevor

We launched In Conversation With Trevor (ICWT) three years ago at a live event with Zimbabwe’s Finance Minister Professor Mthuli Ncube as the guest. Since then, I have had over 140 impactful conversations with some awesome people in Zimbabwe and abroad.I have learnt a lot from our guests and l have been hugely inspired. The show has changed lives and inspired many people. Testimonials from guests and our global audience are both humbling and hugely inspiring.We have been building a website which will soon be the one-stop-shop for ICWT. An important part of the website is the newsletter we are introducing today. The Newsletter is a way of connecting the guests with each other and with our growing quality and engaged global audience. Let me hasten to make it clear that ICWT is non-partisan and non-political. I created ICWT to pursue my desire of allowing young people to inspire their peers through their trials and triumphs’ and for senior citizens to inspire the young generation through nuggets from their lived experiences. I believe conversations are a great way of sharing authentic experiences that engage, connect and inspire.

As Africans we have often complained about how the world reports on stories from the continent. ICWT will tell our stories in a manner that shines the light on our priorities and help change the narrative about our continent. While the world tends to focus primarily on coups, starvation, corruption etc we will tell the stories of how we have triumphed against all odds.

The website and newsletter will be home to all our content and keep the growing ICWT community informed on upcoming guests and any other developments. Please use this platform to offer suggestions on future guests and any other issues you want us to look at.

In Conversation with Stafford Massie

In Conversation state

In this week’s episode, Trevor sits down at the Gordon Institute of Business Studies (GIBS), Johannesburg, South Africa, with Tech Investor Stafford Masie. Stafford played a pivotal role in the establishment of the Google presence in South Africa. He led the team that launched the African versions of Google Search, AdWords, Google Maps and Streetview. Stafford has built payment platforms and argues in this Part 1 and Part 2 episode that Bitcoin could be a solution to Zimbabwe’s financial woes.

Last week we launched ICWT MasterClass as a sub-brand that draws nuggets from the best among us. The Master classes from trailblazers’ and change makers in their unique voices and perspectives will provide thought leadership and inspiration.

Watch the conversation here.

Tuma Mafunga MasterClass

The Tumai Mafunga Masterclass

I learnt a lot from Tumai Mafunga’s Masterclass. My key take-aways from Tumai, included the following:

  1. It is important to continuously disrupt yourself through on-going learning
  2. You are never too old to learn
  3. Vulnerability is important for successful mentoring
  4. It is critical to be level headed in a crisis

Follow the Masterclass here.

In Conversation with Ralph Mupita

Ralph Mupita

The response to the Ralph Tendai Mupita episode has been overwhelmingly positive. I have a feeling that there is still more great things from Ralph’s journey. I was impressed by Ralph’s deep sense of self-awareness and his emphasis on self-mastery. He is fully aware of his strengths and weaknesses. This is an important asset for personal growth and a strength in building teams that compliment a leader. His idea of personal boards is one that I will definitely be taking on board. It is difficult to do a life of purpose and impact alone. Ralph also got me thinking about the importance of a little tension and discomfort and never to be comfortable in what one is doing. Ralph recommended the book “Team of Rivals” by Doris Kearns Goodwin and I picked up my copy recently.

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