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28 July 2022

Government should get out of the way

In Conversation with Trevor

The release of preliminary Zimbabwe 2022 census results this week is welcome and should see a fresh trove of data critical for planning for both government and business. From the census business will gain critical insights for planning of new products and determine the future geographic footprints of products and services.It took 40 500 enumerators to pull this data from across the country. It will require more data crunching and analysis to unearth the full meaning of this information. This census data is more valuable than our natural resources as it tells the deep and detailed story of our most important national asset, namely our human capital. For Zimbabwe to unleash this national asset the needs of each individual must be catered for and therein lies the economic opportunity that resides in each one of us. When the needs of each citizen are met the giant that is Zimbabwe realises its promise.

Each of our material and social needs represents an economic opportunity to business and national development potential. When the national economic environment enables business to provide for our individual needs and government gets out of the way prosperity is unleashed to the benefit of all. When our individual initiatives and innovation is incentivised by the right government policies a catalyst for a vibrant economy is created. More companies are established and more jobs are created. The tax base is expanded to fund basic infrastructure and social services for the less privileged.

The census defines who we are as a nation and points us towards our national development priorities. Politicians in power tend to have a skewed view of national censuses with focus on where the votes are concentrated and how to manipulate the data for political gain. Government should get out of the way and see this data as an economic enabler for each citizen. That way everyone wins including the politicians.

I keep an eye on our big neighbour South Africa not just because it is my second home but mainly because it offers interesting lessons and pointers. Last week Eskom, which is battling to meet SA’s power demand, made a proposal for a R938 tariff charge on on-grid power users even if they don’t use electricity. This is an example of a state-owned entity getting in the way of private enterprise. I hope our Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) won’t see this as something worth copying.

In Conversation with Thebe Ikalafeng

In Conversation state

This week we round off our South Africa Series with a thought-provoking two-part series with marketing and communication Guru Thebe Ikalafeng. Thebe has visited every country in Africa and speaks with authority on branding on the continent. His lover for Africa is infectious.

Watch the conversation here.


Nyasha Zhou MasterClass

The Nyasha Zhou Masterclass

Our weak institutions are one of the reasons why Africa is where it is today which is why we are proud to have launched our MasterClass brand with institution builders at the Zimbabwe Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAZ). ICAZ has invested time and resources in capturing the organisations rich history over the past 100 years. In this week’s MasterClass Nyasha Zhou touches on this proud history as he shares his nuggets on leadership principles and habits.

Follow the Masterclass here.

Upcoming – In Conversation with Archiford Rutanhira

upcoming conversation

Watch this space for the upcoming conversation with Archiford Rutanhira, Partner and Scanlen and Holderness.

Upcoming – MasterClass

upcoming masterclass

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