Zimbabwe corruption becomes the gold standard


By Trevor Ncube

In 2021 when President Emmerson Mnangagwa appointed Uebert Angel Ambassador-at-Large to the Americas
and Europe, there was shock and consternation among those familiar with the man’s shady background.
None of his questionable background appeared relevant to his appointer.

We were told that he was “expected to use his vast experience in evangelism and business to promote
investment for the country”. Until then his known experience included a litany of fake miracles and
possession of three national registration cards with different birth dates. He had previously been
accused of fraud and was also notorious for his big ego that thrived on flaunting shiny possessions.
He allegedly connived with a local car dealer to swindle a businessman of a Bentley?

Now the chickens are coming home to roost; sadly there is no opposition to pounce on this
opportunity to rid the country of the elephant in the room.

The level of corruption since Mnangagwa took over stinks to high heaven. Having come into power
ostensibly to rid the country of thieves around President Mugabe, all manner of dubious characters
have wormed themselves into his inner circle.

Whispers of gold smuggling emanating from the Midlands during Mugabe’s era pale into insignificance
compared to the reality that has witnessed machete gangs digging up farmlands around the country.
Millions of Zimbabweans are starving while the few connected to Mnangagwa prosper.

Mnangagwa’s silence since the scandal broke is not leadership.  The contradictory messages from his
coterie of incompetent communicators have been a tragicomedy and raised more questions than answers.
Zimbabwe has just been removed from the Financial Action Task Force grey list but the Al Jazeera
revelations raise fresh doubts about the country’s compliance in implementing Anti-Money Laundering
and Counter Financing of Terrorism standards. The whole world is now aware our borders are porous
for transnational crime.

Only the most gullible will believe that the police are investigating the gold mafia. Claims that
bank accounts have been frozen must be dismissed with the contempt they deserve. This government’s
reputation is in tatters and a huge opportunity to make amends has been missed.

Corruption is now a subculture and the new gold standard of behaviour. There is no political will to
deal with corruption. Institutions tasked with fighting corruption have been weakened to allow open
season for thieves. And since it is clear that political office is the pathway to primitive
accumulation, many are lining up to be ZANU-PF candidates at local and national polls. And sadly,
Nelson Chamisa’s organisation is also home to these thieves.

ZANU-PF is going into the 2023 elections to protect its kleptocracy; which is why the pettiness,
mediocrity and incompetence of the opposition is a national crisis.

Corruption is a tax on businesses and the poor. It favours the incompetent. It punishes honest
citizens and drives away foreign investors. It is difficult to uproot once allowed to flourish as it
has in our case. Only a personal-values reformation inspired by a visionary, mature and principled
political leadership will get us out of this swamp. In the interim it appears it’s time to eat for
vene vayo!

In Conversation With H.E Ian Khama


Since attaining independence in 1965 Botswana has been a model of democracy, political stability and
economic prosperity. This proud record appears under threat with deteriorating relationships between
the 4th President Seretse Khama Ian Khama and his successor President Mokgweetsi Masisi. Former
Preside Khama shares his side of the story in this in depth conversation. Watch his episode here..

Audience Responses

From the H.E Ian Khama episode, our community had this to say:

Watson Matimanga:
An excellent conversation as usual. l enjoyed all questions asked by Trevor and responses
given by former President Khama. All the best to Botswana and its lovely people. Hoping for
quick and peaceful resolution of all the issues raised in this conversation
Rafique Ismail:
Great convo, much respect your excellency Mr IK. Thank you for the interview. Wish him the
best and Botswana at large.
Doris Mufara:
Really enjoyed this conversation! Great questioning as usual and thought provoking

Coming Next: In Conversation with Herman Mashaba


Don’t miss the next episode with Former Mayor of Johannesburg, Entrepreneur and President of
ActionSA Herman Mashaba In Conversation with Trevor.

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in conversation with trevorZimbabwean entrepreneur and newspaper publisher Trevor
Ncube sits
down with various high-profile guests in a series of candid,
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  • Dr Chaii; a
    Grammy nominated record producer, songwriter/singer who has produced for Jason Derulo, Chris
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