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August 4 Newsletter

Gold Coins and the Census

In Conversation with Trevor

Zimbabwe is a polarised and toxic country. This sad state of affairs has debilitating consequences on our society. There is almost nothing that we seem to agree on, yet there is so much that could unite us if we made the effort.In most instances one’s political party preferences determine which side one takes in an argument; the facts or merits of an argument play second fiddle. Sadly, the political differences are not based on any discernible ideological standpoints.Supporters of the ruling party, without question, oppose anything and everything that the opposition puts forward; vice versa. Insults and sloganeering are the stock-in-trade. Nobody is allowed in the middle ground or to change minds as the facts change.

Take for instance the public response to the release of preliminary 2022 Census figures and the introduction of gold coins last month.

Those in opposition are questioning the accuracy of the census figures for a variety of reasons but mostly with a political slant that suggests the figures have been doctored to suit ruling party machinations such as the gerrymandering of constituencies for next year’s elections and the distribution of national resources.

The introduction of the gold coins as an alternative stable financial product for store of value has been pooh-poohed as voodoo economics.

A big factor in this toxicity is that the public does not seem to trust anything that the government says or does. And, unfortunately this mistrust is not without justification. A trust deficit has developed over the years fuelled by policy inconsistencies and the government simply not keeping its word.

The government needs to communicate better and show more transparency and accountability in policy formulation and implementation to regain public trust.

The government and all state-linked institutions must realise that trust cannot be foisted upon the public through statutory instruments. Trust is earned through consistent conduct and pronouncements over time.

It is a pity that the gold coins and the census figures have fallen victim to this now-endemic toxicity. Effective communication is a vital aspect of good governance. Poor communication is harmful and a real threat to national political stability and security.

In Conversation with Archford Rutanhire

In Conversation state

Archford Rutanhire’s story of courage and determination has touched and inspired many. Archford, partner at Scanlen & Holderness Legal practitioners, was left paralyzed from neck down by a horrible accident in 2012. But the accident and being in a wheel chair has not taken away his dreams and instead his new condition has launched him into another passion of fighting for equity for the vulnerable in society. Disability is indeed not inability as Archford says.

Watch the episode here.

Manyara Chigundura MasterClass

The Manyara Chigundura Masterclass

The Manyara Chigundura MasterClass was full of practical nuggets including the importance of realising that just because one is passionate about a business idea does not guarantee support from funders and clients. Having the idea is an important start but lots more work lies ahead. Ngaruro Wakiriro had this to say of YouTube; Manyara, well done! Thank you very much for the encouragement to the young women out there as well as highlighting support from your partner. Valuable lessons!

Watch this Masterclass here.


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