Mnangagwa and Chamisa must be stopped for Zimbabwe to win


By Trevor Ncube

The only result acceptable from the 2023 elections is a win for Zimbabwe not a victory for an individual or a political party. Our nation is in dire straits and no single individual or political party can fix it. Our beloved but broken nation needs all hands on deck.

If President Mnangagwa was a patriot concerned with the wellbeing of all Zimbabweans, he would prioritise nation building ahead of vote buying. The past five years have proved beyond a shadow of doubt that Mnangagwa is not a nation builder but instead is fixated on what power gets for him, his family and clan.

Nelson Chamisa has proved incapable of transparent and values-driven leadership. He lacks the vision, maturity and inclusive approach to leadership and thus is not qualified to lead Zimbabwe at this juncture. He is politically insecure, a trait common among authoritarian leaders.

Zimbabwe and its people are beyond hurting. We are collectively reaping years of abuse as a people and the consequences are palpable. The economy has been neglected and hollowed out first by Robert Mugabe and his cronies and now by Mnangagwa and his family.

The health and education sectors have all but collapsed with a significant long-term impact on economic growth and human development. Physical infrastructure such as roads, bridges and telecoms lie derelict. Government incompetence and the huge trust deficit between the government and the citizens have put paid to any hope of a stable local currency in the immediate future.

National institutions such as parliament, the army and the police force have been personalised or rendered ineffective. Our national values such as common purpose, hard work, discipline, productivity have been corrupted and debased. Our leadership has modelled grid, selfishness and corruption which many have emulated with a flourish. This is simply not sustainable and not material for nation building.

This state of affairs should cause anybody who cares about the nation to pause for introspection. It is a grave state of affairs that cries out for inclusive national re-engagement and reconstruction. Any politician who thinks otherwise is disingenuous. Any citizen who thinks their favourite politician has this figured out is a dangerous sycophant. As Temba Mliswa said recently, the election is also a test on the electorate which has voted mediocrity into parliament and councils over the years.

There is no capacity in both Zanu-PF and the Citizen Convergence for Change to rebuild Zimbabwe without the broader participation of competent and patriotic citizens at home and abroad. Mnangagwa and Chamisa must be stopped for Zimbabwe to win.

My hope and prayer, and indeed that of many who want Zimbabwe to win, not an individual or political party, is that a run-off follows the poll and forces Mnangagwa and Chamisa to negotiate part of the terms for governing, not ruling, over the next five years.

Let us be clear about one thing: if the Mnangagwa faction or Chamisa and his zealots win, Zimbabwe loses. For 43 years we have, by omission or commission, participated in the destruction of our beloved country. In August we have an opportunity to say this far but not further and force an inclusive outcome. An inclusive outcome based on values and broad national interest anchored on constitutionalism, human rights and economic development that benefits all including minorities, widows, the poor and orphans.

In Conversation with Moffat Takadiwa


Not being recognised and celebrated at home did not stop Moffat Takadiwa pursuing his passion of creating art from material that Zimbabweans throw away as rubbish. This talented and humble artist from Hurungwe has carved a niche for himself in Europe and the USA with his art pieces fetching lots of money. He takes us through his creative process of giving life to lifeless materials through his art. He has turned the rubbish we throw away daily into narratives that are being celebrated internationally. Watch his episode here..

Audience Responses

From the Moffat Takadiwa episode, our community had this to say:

Moffat is a national treasure. So accomplished and yet so humble. Thanks for this Great interview Trevor and Moffat.
Moffat is exceptionally talented….he is an explorer…and his art is pregnant with political and socioeconomic statements. He uses art to stimulate debate and discussions around issues that are affecting Zimbabweans …a very humble and down to earth young artist. It’s sad the Government and the local market do not honor neither support art industry… Best wishes in your future endeavors Moffat. This interview was a great eye opener.
Excellent interview, Listening to Moffat speak his thought process and inspiration with regards to his art reminded me of a quote that goes “Artists are the truth, you know why because everybody gets information but only artists can interpret information on an emotional and an intellectual level simultaneously. They can make you think and feel about something at the same time…” (I think it was Dav Chappelle) Moffat is truly a treasure to our country

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