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11 August 2022

Water Delivery

Zimbabwe has normalised water delivery by tanker trucks for those without portable water at home and work. This is very sad.

Apart from the fact that this is a form of tax for the already overtaxed public, the inconvenience and the cost of this abnormality are hurting. The majority of our people with no access to potable water cannot afford to buy water and have it delivered to their homes in such a manner. People in low-income communities have to get up in the middle of the night to scrounge for water from faraway municipal taps or borehole pumps. This is a sad throwback to the Stone Age past.

Private water delivery has become a booming business for those who have underground water on their properties, but the heavy vehicles they use to transport the water obviously damage our roads. The water table is also adversely affected resulting in the death of the iconic trees that decorate our environment. A consistently low water table has adverse effects on the whole ecosystem.

Imagine if all the money and effort expended in buying and transporting water had been put into installing potable water infrastructure over the past two decades?

To make matters worse, no one seems to care about our crumbling water infrastructure. None of the political parties sees this as a campaign issue for next year’s plebiscite. There is no sense of urgency from the local and central government to fix this at all.

What a scandal!

In Conversation with Margaret Dongo

In Conversation state

The current episode of In Conversation with Trevor featuring Margaret Dongo appears to have hit a raw nerve with many of our viewers. Margaret spoke authoritatively and passionately about the abuse of women in liberation war camps in Mozambique and Zambia by the military elite. There has been a lot of talk about these sexual abuses including rape. Margaret has for the first time given a legitimate voice to these allegations. The conversation with Margaret raises the need to exorcise the demons of Zimbabwe’s liberation struggle which very likely explain the violence that has continued to haunt our politics post-1980.

Zimbabwe must get to the bottom of what actually happened in these camps and on the warfront where many civilians were caught in the excesses of fighting. It is possible that the abductions and torture which have become part of our political landscape have their roots in those very difficult years. Indeed, the tools and the mind-set of the liberation war characterised by the shedding of blood continue to be the trademarks of our politics.

Watch the conversation here.

Graham Cheater MasterClass


The Graham Cheater MasterClass was the last in our collaboration with the Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAZ) for their centennial celebration and the launch of their coffee table commemorative book. Graham’s journey to becoming a CA says there is no set path to finding one’s purpose. The key takeaway from this MasterClass is not an easy one for many to take on board, namely that when you have challenges, acknowledge your weaknesses and seek help. This is because many in leadership think that they are invincible and infallible.

Follow the Masterclass here.

In Conversation with Dr. Rebecca Chisamba

Don’t miss out on the next ICWT episode with Businesswoman and Talk Show Host, Dr. Rebecca Chisamba.

Upcoming MasterClass with Nyaradzo Moyo

Don’t miss out on the next MasterClass with Founder and CEO of Yanaya, Nyaradzo Moyo.


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Most recent sessions:

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  • Janet Manyowa; Accountant and renowned Gospel Artist.
  • Amanda Tigere; Mine Planning Engineer at Trojan Nickel Mine.

Listen to all the podcast sessions here.

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Book of the Week

Summary: Zimbabwe – Struggles within the Struggle is about the contradictions and infighting that went on in the Zimbabwe liberation movement from 1957 to independence in l980, focusing on prominent parties such as ZAPU, ZANU, FROLIZI, ANC/UANC, and the Zimbabwe Patriotic Front (ZPF), as well as the part played by the Frontline States. The book also discusses such tragic events as the death of Herbert Chitepo and others on account of the “struggles-within-the-struggle.”

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