It’s about the people, Stupid


By Blessed Mhlanga

Over the past few weeks a lot has happened which has cast grave doubts over the integrity of the plebiscite which is likely to be just another damp squib. Is it worth voting when it is clear the incumbent, President Emmerson Mnagagwa, is determined to win at all costs including by use of “lawfare”?

Rallies have been banned and candidates have had to go to the court to fight for the right to remain on the parliamentary and presidential ballots.

Zimbabweans appear powerless and have resigned their fate into the hands of a few politicians and judges. The outcome of this election will impact the lives of the voters for the next five years which is why it is important voters, and not the courts, decide who will govern them.

The fact that Saviour Kasukuwere is not going to be on the ballot is not a matter that should be left in the hands of a few to decide. Democracy is a government of the people, for the people and by the people, but sadly events of the past few weeks have indicated otherwise.

It is trite to mention that Kasukuwere’s life does not significantly change because he has failed to run for presidency; nor will Nelson Chamisa suffer because he has failed to win the presidency.

The truth is while on August 23 there will be eleven names on the presidential ballot; this vote is not about those presenting themselves as candidates. The election is about who gets to make decisions on behalf of the people on matters as important as healthcare, education, the economy and how Zimbabwe is perceived by the international community.

These elections affect the common person more than they will affect the candidates. Therefore, it is the responsibility of all Zimbabweans to ensure that free and fair elections are held. We all have a collective responsibility to defend our democracy.

Zimbabwe needs an engaged and active citizenry if it is to develop and meet the expectations of the majority. All citizens must take an interest and participate in shaping the destiny of the only place we call home.

An election is an opportunity to decide who gets into power and to hold those who have been put in power accountable. It is an opportunity for the electorate to show the politicians that power resides with the people and not with them. But this can only happen if the electorate is informed, active and engaged and rallies behind issues that affect their livelihood.

There are serious divisions in the ruling party and the opposition all based on egos and personal ambition not the people’s agenda. The uncomfortable truth is that nothing politicians do is genuinely for the people.

The people have power only if they are determined to use it. The power to change the future of this country is not in the next president but it is in the hands of the citizens.

If we the people turn up in huge numbers to express our will, we could change the fortunes of our country. We collectively have the power to create a just society if we step up to our duty as citizens. Our power should be used to warn politicians that we will reject a rigged election. Nation building is not about politicians or laws; it is about the will of the people. If you close all avenues of legitimate expression of the people’s will, you risk their wrath.

In Conversation with Professor Arthur G.O. Mutambara


Former Deputy Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, Professor Arthur G.O Mutambara’s intellect and passion for the country shines through this compelling two part episode. Prof. Mutambara shares his assessment of the government of national unity and his intimate conversations with President Mugabe. Watch both Part 1 and Part 2 of his episode here..

Audience Responses

From the Professor Arthur G.O Mutambara episode, our community had this to say:

Can you please bring Prof back again as he has an authentic history of Zimbabwe which needs to be heard by all Zimbabweans.
After nearly a year of having stopped watching your shows ,I couldn’t resist the temptation of listening to the wise words of the Professor. Sincere ,patriotic and practical person he is. The fact that he applaud Chamisa for surviving the worst attacks on a party is really commendable.
This is an essential watch for any forward-thinking individual! The depth and richness of the discussion between Trevor and Professor Arthur Mutambara is impressive. What’s commendable is how they weave insights from politics, future studies, and complex engineering topics like AI. Yet, the most captivating aspect is how they consistently bring it back to the Zimbabwean context, reminding us of the importance and urgency of driving meaningful change. Truly enlightening!

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