Rural tourism has huge potential for economic growth


By Carl Joshua Ncube

Rural tourism has potential for growth if given the right support. This form of tourism not only offers unique experiences but also brings numerous benefits to both travellers and the local communities they visit.

Our experience in rural tourism with the aid of our innovative app, Rural BnB has been an eye opener to the opportunities in this sub-sector. Through our app, Rural BnB has created a platform that allows travellers to book authentic African experiences directly with local hosts in rural communities.

Rural tourism provides visitors with a firsthand opportunity to immerse themselves in the local culture, traditions, and lifestyle. Rural areas often safeguard their cultural heritage more strongly than urban centres, offering tourists a deeper sense of authenticity and a connection with a destination’s history.

This form of tourism injects revenue directly into local communities, boosting their economies and creating job opportunities. By participating in rural tourism activities and services, tourists directly contribute to the welfare and prosperity of rural communities.

Rural areas, known for their pristine landscapes and historical significance, benefit from tourism by raising awareness of the need for conservation. Increased tourism provides incentives for locals to preserve their natural and cultural sites, ensuring their longevity for future generations. OFFGRID experiences that rural tourism offers are a form of mental health or mental wellness rehabilitation or treatment.

Through the provision of accommodations, food, tours, and crafts, rural tourism empowers local communities to generate income and sustain their livelihoods, thus reducing the need for migration to urban centres.

By connecting tourists with local hosts, travellers gain access to untapped destinations and authentic cultural encounters, steering away from mass tourism and promoting sustainable and responsible travel.

The Rural BnB app enables local communities to list their accommodations, homestays, or other unique experiences, thereby empowering them to showcase their heritage and earn income directly from visitors. This opportunity for local entrepreneurship enhances economic growth and self-sufficiency within rural areas. Rural BnB curates, collaborates and creates experiences to suit the different clientele according to income groups.

Travelers, by engaging with local hosts and participating in rural activities, gain a deeper appreciation for African culture, traditions, and way of life. This interaction fosters mutual respect and breaks down stereotypes, paving the way for improved cross-cultural understanding.

By promoting rural tourism, Rural BnB app emphasizes the importance of sustainability and responsible travel practices. Focusing on authentic experiences, Rural BnB encourages travellers to minimize their negative environmental impact, respect local customs, and financially contribute to the communities they visit. Our Rural BnB exit interviews confirm that tourists don’t visit Africa for Eurocentric experiences but authentic local accommodation, food and culture experiences.

Carl Joshua Ncube is a Rural Developer.

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Audience Responses

From the Rinos Mautsa episode, our community had this to say:

I love his mindset and hopefully most Zimbabweans can understand the importance of economic empowerment.Wishing you all the best!
Thank you very much for this insightful interview as always. Thank you for bringing our own Rinos to the program. I learnt a lot from him. All the best Rinos in all your endeavors. What an opportunity to reflect on our personal journeys and experiences in our spaces. What an inspiring conversation!! Thank you very much Trevor.
Thank you so much Trevor for bringing my role model to the Show. Such a valuable conversation

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