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15 August 2022 | Newsletter Issue 6

Remembering International Youth Day-Why Intergenerational Solidarity Matters?

International Youth Day 2022. Intergenerational Solidarity: Creating a World for All Ages

This year International Youth Day was being celebrated under the theme “intergenerational solidarity:
creating a world for all ages”
. The purpose is to
amplify the message that action is needed from all generations to achieve Agenda 2030 and its 17 SDGs,
and leave no one behind. This is a powerful
theme as it helps communities and countries reflect on why intergenerational Solidarity matters now more
than ever. In order for nations to move forward,
generations from young to old need to start having important conversations with each other. When the
older generation speaks, who is there to listen to
their seeds of wisdom from past experiences, when the younger generation speaks are they being heard as
sources of solutions that will lead nations forward?

The idea of Intergenerational Solidarity goes beyond sitting around the fire and listening to the old or
the young speak. These conversations are supposed to
map a way forward for our countries. Why do we have such high unemployment rates, why do we have
economic challenges, why is there so
much corruption and why have we not achieved most of our sustainable development goals? These whys are
the big questions we should be asking
each other. Could we all have solutions to the challenges we are facing? Could young people sit on the
shoulders of giants and map a way forward? It’s time
we go back to the drawing table. It’s time we create think tanks where all generations are present to
build a better Zimbabwe.

In Conversation with Dr Rebecca Chisamba

“Latin has become a dead language and we must not allow our Shona, Ndebele, or our other 16 local
languages to be declared a dead language”. These are
some of the words Dr. Rebecca Chisamba started this week’s In
Conversation with Trevor. Her national mandate is to promote all 16 of the
Zimbabwean Local languages. She bemoans that we are not proud of ourselves
as Zimbabweans through our language and even our food. Our Leaders should play a key role in paving the
way for our nation to appreciate their Languages by adding them to the school curriculum so that young
people understand that speaking your language is very critical for your self-awareness
as a young person. Mai Chisamba’s national mandate has led her to different
countries like Australia and London where she has been helping the people in
the diaspora connect to their roots.

What will it take for us as a country to embrace who we are without an excuse
or doubt? Our leaders and families must play a key role in paving a way for us
to love and appreciate who we are as Zimbabweans. Only then will we be able
to protect our heritage, our culture, and who we are.

Watch the episode here.

MasterClass with Nyaradzo Moyo

Nyaradzo Moyo is changing the Health and Lifestyle narrative through her
brand Yanaya. Yanaya now has 11 official restaurants nationally that serve
healthy foods that have been given the green light by health practitioners. She believes her drive,
creativity, and focus got her where she is now. She believes that dreams do come true and that you just
need to keep working on your dreams. She emphasizes the fact that not having enough resources is not an
excuse. She started off serving healthy meals in a stall next to an ATM and she grew from there. Use
what you have and grow

Watch the Masterclass here.

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