Inaugural Ideas Festival a resounding success


By Trevor Ncube

My heart is overflowing with gratitude. The inaugural Ideas
Festival was a huge success. Attendance was great with high
levels of engagement. The quality of speakers and panellists
was top notch. All the event partners who happened to be in
the room were a brand match and have been generous in their

Next year’s event is scheduled for October 30 to November
at the same venue. On the strength of the feedback from
the delegates, sponsors, speakers and panellists, we expect
#IdeasFestival2024 to be bigger and better.

At the Ideas Festival launch in December 2022, we signalled
our intention for a different kind of live space that would
focus on nation building through sharing impactful ideas. We
believe that Zimbabwe will change when we change and that
values- and principles-driven enterprises will be important
vehicles for the change that we want.

All the government of the day must do is to create an
inclusive enabling environment and get out of the way. Ethical
private enterprise with a social conscience and focused on
fulfilling public goods will help change this country.

There were so many highlights from a packed three-day event.
One of the highlights was the Ideas Tank which saw 10
start-ups from the Old Mutual Eight2Five incubation initiative
pitching their ideas to the audience. One of the entrepreneurs
signed an NDA for a significant investment into their start-up
before they departed Troutbeck Hotel, Nyanga.  Deliberations
after each pitch were rich and impactful.

The “Ideal Start-up Ecosystem” panel of Gugulethu Siso, Brian
Munyawarara, Victor Mapungu and Ryan Katayi made many in the
room realise that Zimbabwe confuses SMEs with Start-ups and
that in reality there is no start-up ecosystem in place. So,
there is clearly a lot of work to be done to enable startups
to emerge, grow and create jobs and have a positive impact on
the economy. The economic environment is hostile for start-ups
and many of them have relocated to countries that support

All the speakers were absolutely amazing and the feedback is
still pouring in. We are grateful to all the speakers and
panellists who made this inaugural event impactful and

All the #IdeasFestival2023 proceedings were recorded and will
be broadcast on youtube.com/InConversationWithTrevor
this week. Please subscribe to our channel so that you don’t
miss out.

The Ideas Festival is not just another conference. It is an
immersive space where participants share practical lessons on
moving from an idea to the creation of products and services.
They share lessons from their failures, successes and more.
Tinashe Nyamudoka’s lived experience, of launching and taking
Kumusha Wine to the world, had many almost in tears.

We are still on cloud nine from last week’s #IdeasFestival2023
and we can’t wait to have you join us for the
#IdeasFestival2024 . Drop me a line at
if you want to get involved as a
speaker, delegate or sponsor.

In Conversation with Paula Mazvita Marowa


Paula Marowa, Founder and Executive Director of Rukanda Pride
, has not had it easy growing up. She lost her mother as a
teenager and immediately assumed the responsibility of taking
care of her siblings. Her entrepreneurship journey is both
humbling and hugely inspirational. Watch her episode

Audience Responses

From the Paula Mazvita Marowa episode, our community had this
to say:

This is one of the best interviews for me. The business
story is very relatable to us young people who are pursuing
business as a career. The story sounds very authentic. The
interviewee is very clear.
Indeed you prove that there is a tremendous relationship
between childhood struggles & high achievement keep flying
high, and continue with your willingness to help others
This was a really good interview and I am just motivated and
certainly learning! To see young people in business really
excites me and I will you call the best Paula.

Coming Next: In Conversation with Sengezo Tshabangu


Don’t miss the next episode with Internationally Celebrated
Politician, Sengezo Tshabangu In Conversation with Trevor.

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