Trevor Book Club

I discovered late in life that I was dyslexic. I had battled with reading, writing and comprehension. Spellings had been, and still are, a nightmare for me until spell check came to the rescue.

With parents who were domestic workers the culture of reading beyond text books was an alien thing for me. After university l took to reading newspapers and magazines but l had zero interest in reading books. It was not until my late 30’s that a friend introduced me to the concept of reading books for the fun of it. Initially l resisted the invitation to read but when I finally embraced reading there was no stopping me.

I imagine there are many people whose background and upbringing has not encouraged and been conducive to reading. I am grateful to the colleague who introduced me to reading and my hope is that this book club provides encouragement to many who share my formative experiences. Growing up I never had a role model or mentor who pointed me towards the importance of books .  My hope is that this book club plays that role to many out there. The feedback about the impact the book club has had so far confirms this.

Having started reading late in life l get the feeling that l missed out on a lot. Reading has been hugely important for my personal growth and development. I battle with reading fiction and poetry but l grab every book that I can find particularly biographies and books on leadership and doing life in general. I can’t imagine my life without books. I always have two or four books on my bedside.

Books have inspired and fortified me. Books have challenged and affirmed some of my beliefs. I would not be half the person I am without the books I have read over the past two decades.

The book club draws on the books that guests on “In Conversation With Trevor” recommend. And this is how I get to read books myself namely from recommendations from others that line up with my interests. I have rarely been disappointed this far. I hope you find this resource useful.

“Not all readers are leaders, but all Leaders are readers. Harry S. Truman

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