Why l do what I Do

I created “In Conversation With Trevor” (ICWT) to provide a platform for Africans to tell their stories in their own words. Because of the tendency for headlines and the sensationalism in the media to keep us away from the stories that matter these Conversations will deliberately seek to tell the stories behind the stories.

As Africans we have often complained about how the world covers the continent. ICWT is a bold attempt to tell our stories in a manner that shines the light on our priorities and helps change the narrative about the continent. While the world focuses primarily on coups, starvation and corruption let us take time to tell the stories of how we have triumphed against all odds.

I am fascinated by how we arrive at our purpose and the stories that each of our lives contain. Stories of success and failure, hope and disappointments as we journey towards impactful lives. I love the inspirational lessons about how we cope and overcome failure and our fears. I am a firm believer that we learn a lot from life lessons of failure and success.

I am passionate about telling the stories behind the headlines and the sensational.  I created ICWT to pursue my desire of allowing the young to inspire their peers through their trials and tribulations and for senior citizens to inspire the young through nuggets from their lived experiences.

I believe conversations are a great way of sharing authentic experiences that engage, connect and inspire.

I deliberately started in Zimbabwe with the aim of going into the continent and the world. We will focus on business, politics, arts & entertainment, women and the next generation.

“Let your conversations be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know to answer everyone.” Colossians 4:6 NIV

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